Brightening Dark Rooms with Paint


PaintDark rooms can easily become dull and uninviting. While windows and major changes to the structure of your home might not be an option to brighten up a dark room, you need not worry! There are plenty of things that you can do to make your dark room appear brighter and more appealing for you and your family to spend time in.


If you’ve been dealing with a stubbornly darker room, check out these four tips on brightening a dark room with paint!


Blended Neutrals


Painting your walls with light neutral colors, such as dove grey, warm whites, or light taupe, will help your dreary room appear light, open, and airy. If the ceilings hang a bit lower, it’s a good idea to paint your molding the same color you choose for your walls. In addition to appearing brighter, this will help in elongating the room, making it appear taller.


Bright White Ceilings


As a general rule, your ceilings should always be painted a lighter color than your walls. If you want to make your room appear brighter, you’ll want to choose a clear bright white. In addition to making your room appear naturally lighter, applying bright white paint to your ceilings will help your room feel more spacious and appear taller.


Painting the Woodwork


Although some people tend to lean against painting over woodwork, it is a guaranteed way to lighten your dark room. Applying a fresh coat of white paint to your wood pieces will instantly modernize and lighten a room, contrasting well with your room’s other colors.


Rich Color Accents


Avoid painting your entire room white in an attempt to lighten it. Too many pale colors simply accentuate a room’s shadows. Instead, pair bright whites with richer color contrasts. Warmer colors naturally brighten and bring tones that aren’t being provided through natural sunlight.



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