How do I care for my quartz counter tops?

Maintaining your quartz countertop is much more simple than its granite or marble counterparts. Daily cleaning simply involves a soft cloth with warm water. If desired, a mild soap can be used on the surface.
Basic Cleaning
It’s not uncommon to deal with spills on an occasional basis. Unlike granite and marble, quartz countertops are non-porous, meaning that stains and spills are not absorbed into the surface. This means that quartz is highly resistant to stains.

For any types of materials that harden when they dry, they can be gently removed with a plastic scraper and cleaned with a water/vinegar solution. Always use non-abrasive, non-bleach liquid cleaners along with soft cloths or paper towels.
Although quartz is known for its non-porous material and resistance to stains – permanent markers, inks and some chemicals and dyes can cause permanent discoloration. If an accident happens to rinse immediately with water. If the stain persists, Goo Gone or a similar product can be rubbed into the stain. Rinse thoroughly to remove residue.
Things to Avoid
Do not expose your quartz countertop to abrasive, alkaline or acid oxidizers. Avoid harsh and abrasive scrub pads, oil based soaps or other harsh cleaners and strippers.
Although often advertised as heat resistant, do not confuse quartz countertops with being 100% heat proof. In order to maintain the beauty of your countertop, avoid placing hot pans directly on the surface. This can cause cracking and thermal shock; hot pads and trivets are always recommended.
Quartz is considered one of the hardest materials found in nature, and it will not easily chip or scratch. However, cutting boards are recommended to protect the surface and the longevity of your knives.
Seasonal Maintenance
Your quartz countertop does require any special seasonal maintenance like granite and marble. Do not apply topical treatments or sealers to your countertop under any circumstances. The result will be a gloss that appears inconsistent and dull.
Even though quartz is one of the easiest countertops to maintain, steps should be taken to preserve its beauty so it can last a lifetime.

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