Must-Have Features for Your Home Build



Building your home is an amazing opportunity to have everything you ever needed or want. In many cases, major additions and features are more affordable and easier to add during your home’s build, rather than waiting for it to be completed and performing a renovation.


Take a look at some of these must-haves features to add during your homes construction process that will save you both money and frustration long-term.


Built-In Storage


Storage features, such as closets and cabinets, are much easier to add while your home is being built. Even if you don’t feel like you need the storage right now, think about what your needs will be in the future. You might appreciate that you decided to opt for additional storage features and space.


Built-In Technology


Technology is all-around us, and it’s growing at a faster than ever rate. Since it’s going to a part of your modern day life, you may thank yourself for getting ahead of the curve and installing some of those features. From HVAC system, to voice control writing, and a fully Wi-Fi wired home, you may appreciate having some of these elements tucked into your design. Think about technology that will make you and your family’s life easier.


Radiant Heat


While stepping out onto a warm floor in the morning may seem like a luxury you don’t need, radiant heating actually has higher levels of energy efficiency compared to other heating options. Plus it’s pretty cheap to install. However, waiting until after you home is built to install means redoing your entire floor, which could more than double the costs.


Pet Features


Don’t forget about your furry friend! Food stations, doggie doors, kennels, and built-in pet beds can easily be worked into the overall design of your home, rather than perming a renovation when the house is complete.


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