Renovate To Sell or Renovate to Stay?

You’ve lived in your home for a while now, you’re still fond of it, but it may no longer be exactly what you want or need at this point in your life.

You may be interested in remodeling, but should you remodel to stay in your home or to move out?

This question involves consideration of your particular needs, emotional attachment to the home, and whether you are wanting a return on your investment.

Whether you’re considering to hunker down for the long-haul, or simply investing in your home for resale, it’s no secret that making renovations to your house raises your home’s value.

Your Changing Needs

The most important thing to consider is your changing needs. You may have recently gotten married, or now have more children and pets in your house. Sometimes minor or major adjustments to your home can give you exactly the change that your home needs to keep up with your evolving lifestyle.

If you feel like your house just needs an uplift, making minor changes to windows, landscape or even your front door can give your home a whole new look and feel. The great thing is, that if you decide to sell later on you can still get a return on your investment. It’s estimated that the majority of home renovation jobs give you between a 60% to 90% return on your investment, if not over 100%! Those are some pretty great odds to make some changes you were looking for anyway.

If you’re not entirely sure that you want to move, consider starting on smaller home improvement projects that you and your family would enjoy. The great news is, if you decide to move, later on, you’re almost guaranteed to get a return on your investment.

Whatever you decide, making small adjustments to your home can improve your quality of life while you live in it, and drastically improve your home’s resale value longer term.

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