Solid Wood Doors Vs. Hollow-Core

Solid Wood Door Styles


Whether you are in process of finalizing your home’s details, or still in the process of upgrading your home’s interior, there will come a time when you will have to make decisions regarding your finishes and fixtures. Your interior doors are one of these items. Careful consideration should be taken when deciding between hollow doors and solid wood doors, to increase your comfort without breaking the bank.


Solid Wood Doors


Although interior doors are rather utilitarian, it doesn’t mean that they can’t look and feel good. This reason alone may cause you to be tempted to install solid doors throughout your entire home. Solid wood doors are exactly what they sound like, doors that are crafted entirely out of wood. They may be painted, stained, embellished or engraved with architectural detail as desired.



  • Excellent sound dampening and insulation
  • Higher return on investment upon reselling
  • Greater resistance to damage
  • Variety of color options



  • Can cost up to 50 percent more than hollow-core options
  • Can be subject to shrinkage and expansion
  • Addition weight can make it difficult to install


Hollow-Core Doors


The makeup of hollow-core doors is very different than solid wood. Hollow-core doors have a cardboardhoneycomb interior encased by veneer or fiberboard. This option is much more affordable than its solid wood counterpart.



  • Cost-effective compared to solid wood doors
  • Lightweight for easier install
  • Less susceptible for contraction or expansion



  • Easily damaged
  • More difficult to repair
  • Little noise reduction or insulation


The choice between the two is an important decision, considering that your home is 20 percent interior doors. The choice often comes down to how much you are wanting to invest in your interior doors. Stay open to mixing it up! Not all of your doors need to be solid wood just like not all of your doors need to be hollow-core. Consider what would work best for the needs of each room.